Raw Beauty Talks Society

We believe that youth are the future and that in order to re-write the script for the next generation we have to start young.  RAW Beauty Talks Society was created to raise funds and provide mentorship for organizations and initiatives that give girls and boys the super powers of self-esteem, confidence, personal growth and media literacy.

Organizations We Support












Founding Partner (2016) & Founding Advisory Board Member (Current)

Free To Be is a research-based positive body image program for youth in grades six to eight created by Renae Regehr. The program empowers boys and girls to reach their full potential by developing media literacy awareness, cultivating individual strengths, building resilience to social pressures that impact body image, and nurturing a positive social environment.  


  • In 2016, we raised over $17,000 for the program, making it possible for 1,000 students to complete the 6-session series at no cost to schools.
  • Assisted in the development of brand assets and program materials for the students.
  • Helped execute initial training sessions for Free To Be program facilitators.

To learn more about Free To Be please visit their website at





Girlvana Yoga was founded in 2012 to teach teen girls the tools of yoga and meditation while providing strong mentorship with a raw and heartfelt approach in hopes of bringing empowerment to girls through yoga and meditation via retreats, weekly drop in classes and workshops in high schools.  Girlvana offers weekly drop in classes, workshops in high schools, and has hosted over 8 retreats to the Gulf Islands and over 300 yoga classes throughout Canada and the US.


  • In 2017, we are the proud sponsors of scholorships for two girls to attend the Girlvana Summer Retreat. 


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