Stil ‘Get It Done’ Journal

Meet the Stil ‘Get It Done’ Journal
(aka your new goal setting bff)

I’ve been using this journal for the last five months and when I recorded the podcast episode with Jacki I knew I needed to tell you about it! It has really helped me streamline all the ideas, to do’s and tasks rolling around in my mind so that it feels more manageable and so that everything is aligned with my goals.

Whew – feels good to remove that cloak of overwhelm!

The Get It Done Planner is designed to make your task planning as easy and seamless as possible so that you can focus on being your best self. Built for a 90-day achievement cycle, the GID Planner gives you a quarter of a year so you aren’t overwhelmed by having to take on 12 months at a time.

I’m giving one of you this planner for free! We’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday, February 9th at 10am PST on here so check back in to see if your name was drawn.

To enter :
1. Make sure you are signed up for the Raw Beauty Co. newsletter here.
2. Leave a 5-star review for the podcast on iTunes here.
DM me on IG @RawBeautyTalks to let me know you completed steps 1+2 and we’ll enter you in the draw.


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