Hi there! I'm a health, wellness & life coach who is passionate about helping you feel your best!

I can't keep track of my wallet to save my life but seem to have a knack for asking questions that get right down to the root of things.


I probably looked like I was thriving but on the inside I was battling anxiety, disordered eating and struggling with burn out thanks to all my people pleasing tendencies.

When I was in high school I started to compare my body to the pictures in magazines and other girls in my dance classes.  What started out as a pretty innocent wish to be a bit thinner spiralled into a total obsession with food, calories and obtaining the “perfect” body. It is a very slippery slope, the one between leading a “healthy” lifestyle and total obsession.  Three months in an inpatient program helped get me back to a healthier weight & released me from the grip of the ED but I still struggled with how to love myself and found myself in a cycle of binging and restricting food. 

It's so hard to know how someones really doing from a picture.

It wasn't until I started working with a life coach myself that everything changed. 

I spent the next 10 years on a journey to find that deep, sense of wellbeing that doesn’t come from a big shopping spree or hitting your goal weight.

I launched Raw Beauty Co. in 2014 as an interview series featuring women without make-up, photo editing or filters. I created it for myself but was amazed by the reaction from people around the world.

In 2017, I completed my health & life coaching certification through the Health Coach Institute. As a coach I have had the honour of working with hundreds of women through my online programs and 1:1 coaching practice.

Most recently, I'm excited to bring Free to Be, a media literary and positive body image program to youth in grades 5-9. 

Looking at my life I feel a deep sense of gratitude.  My external world is beautiful (please note I didn't say perfect) but I truly believe it is simply a representation of how I feel on the inside.

I want you to help you find your own version of that feeling too. 

Top: Family Left: Me, no make-up, no filters Right: Doing what I love most


Erin is a celebrity health & life coach, meditation teacher and host of the Raw Beauty Talks podcast. Her practice is rooted in intuitive eating, mindfulness, self love and mind/body wellness, forging a new paradigm of wellness. Erin's work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others. 

Her non-profit organization, Free to Be, has taught media literacy and positive body image tools to over 2,500 youth.




I made a vision board 12 years ago & everything on it has happened. Still find that wild. 


I've been trying to stop biting my nails for 35 years. Prob not going to happen. #Acceptance


I have two younger sisters & they inspire so much of the work I do.  


I still wear skinny jeans, side part my hair and use the cry-laugh emoji. Sorry, not sorry Gen Z. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Chocolate ice cream or chips

celeb i'd love to meet

Justin, actually Hailey Bieber
(don't judge)

Guilty pleasure

If it gives me pleasure there's nothing to feel guilty about!

alternate universe job:

Can't think of doing anything other than this!

favorite place i've been:

Positano, Italy 

drink of choice

I don't drink alcohol so I'll go with an oat milk latte

can't live without

My family & friends & Weleda Skin Food

usually craving

Smoothies...and salty snacks. 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge


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