by Erin Treloar

I’m Erin, your #1 coach for all things health, wellness &
a beautiful life!

I'm so excited you've landed here and I can't wait to get to know all about you!  Whether you're looking for a coach, tuning into the podcast or searching for a recipe, I have a space for you at my table. Pull up a chair, let me grab you your favourite drink and let's hang out. 

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Ready to Start Feeling Better in Your Body & In Your Life?

I'm a firm believer that health and wellness is an inside job first and foremost, meaning I don't centre my coaching around how you look, or what you weigh, but rather how you FEEL.  The cool thing is that as your inner wellbeing improves your exterior naturally starts to reflect the changes. My coaching encompasses four key pillars; Nourishment, Movement, Mindset & Self Love to support you with evidence-based practices that will help you heal, grow and
uncover your most vibrant self. 

here's what i do:

1:1 Coaching


You know you want more out of life - a better relationship with food, less anxiety, more confidence to follow your dreams. - but you just can't seem to get there. I've got you!

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Online Programs

Would you label your relationship with food as "it's complicated"? Struggling with anxiety? My online programs include  evidence-based tools and a supportive community that make this "life work" as deeply fulfilling as a date with your bff!    

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Raw Beauty Talks Podcast

Ready to uplevel your life?  Every week I chat with other leaders in health and wellness and the most inspiring women I can find to deliver tools & stories that will transform your life. 


“Working with Erin was one of the most life-giving experiences I’ve ever been through as a woman.” 


Mom of 2, lover of salty snacks, and expert dreamer and believer.

I know what it feels like to struggle.  As a teen I navigated an eating disorder that left me hospitalized for months. In my twenties, I found myself in a cycle of binge eating and obsessing over my body.  I've lived with anxiety on and off as long as I can remember and yet...


Top resources

Meditations for Self Love

A collection of guided meditations designed to help you reconnect with your body and soften into self love. Therapist and mind-body-medicine researcher, Dr. Michele Kambolis and Erin Treloar join together to take you home to the essence of all that you are.

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The Anxiety Toolkit

Research-based tools that will soothe anxiety while unlocking an inner steadiness, wisdom, and connection with your true and authentic self.

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The Raw Beauty Reset

A guided 6-month program designed to transform your relationship with food and your body. 



To support those who want more out of life to feel their


       from the inside out.

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Health & Wellness Coach helping you live a beautiful life from the inside out.