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Who knew healing, growing and self development could actually be enjoyable?! You can do my group programs in your comfiest pants, from anywhere in the world and the best part...they really work!

The Raw Beauty Food & Body

A guided 6-month program designed to transform your relationship with food and your body so you can end emotional/binge eating and get back to living. Based on four key pillars — nourishment, movement, mindset and self love — the Reset is designed to take you back to the fundamentals of wellness for your unique body, teaching you to eat intuitively, create healthy habits, and build an empowering mindset that will support long-term holistic health. 

Pssst! This is the course you've heard Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jenna Kutcher & lululemon talking about! 

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The Anxiety

Created in partnership with Dr. Michele Kambolis, The Anxiety Toolkit includes 21 evidence-based tools you can use anytime anywhere and 8-weeks of coaching and guidance from Erin & Dr. Michele Kambolis. Taking a holistic approach that targets your physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing, the Anxiety Toolkit is designed to take you back to the fundamentals of wellness for your unique body.  

Did you know most people with anxiety don't seek help for 10+ years? Anxiety is highly treatable and we are here to help. 

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Kind Words

Working with Erin was one of the most life-giving experiences I’ve ever been through as a woman.


This is modern day therapy and I'm so here for it!!

I don't even have words. Working with Erin has been nothing short of life changing.


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