Ange Simson on Her Conscious Uncoupling, Fear of Females & The Hole In Her Heart

Ange Simson on Her Conscious Uncoupling, Fear of Females & The Hole In Her Heart

July 25, 2019

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Ange Simson on Her Conscious Uncoupling, Fear of Females & The Hole In Her Heart

Ange Simson on Her Conscious Uncoupling, Fear of Females & The Hole In Her Heart

Meet Ange…

In this episode Ange talks about her previous fear of females, the hole in her heart, balancing family and business, a conscious uncoupling from her husband and how an attitude of gratitude has helped her thrive through it all.

You know how sometimes in the Raw Rapid-fire interviews that we do with our guests over on Instagram, I ask guests who they Insta stalk?  Well I have a confession.  I used to Insta stalk today’s guest and Ayla who does all our marketing and social media can attest to this.  I just thought she was so beautiful, had the perfect family and I wanted every one of her outfits. Plus her photos are perfection…

It’s true Ange has everything I just mentioned AND MORE but as it usually goes there are moments behind her highlight reel that are just as real and raw as everybody else’s.

Ange Simson is an integrative nutrition health coach, mom-of-two, writer and happiness expert who works with big-hearted females who feel like they’ve lost, or have yet to have find the golden light in life that makes them feel whole.  Through her work as a coach and her platform (The Gratitude Project), she helps bring women back home to themselves and their happiness.

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Follow Ange on Instagram – @gratitude_project

Hang with Ange on Facebook – @allaboutthegratitude

Explore Ange’s website – The Gratitude Project


SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

0:25 – Erin’s Insta stalk confession

1:21 – Natural pain relief for your period

2:40 – An intro to your new woman crush: Ange Simson

4:35 – The inspirations behind Ange’s gratitude empire: accountability, motherhood, relationships and health

6:50 – The connection between body image and gratitude

8:42 – Gratitude is a process: how to connect the dots

9:54 – Why do we care so much about ‘fitting in’?

10:50 – Dealing with the past vs. moving forward

14:08 – Gynophobia: the fear of females

16:37 – Untangling the knot of awareness, perception and limiting beliefs

21:10 – The importance of putting life on pause for your health + heart

26:05 – Why our culture of ‘push through it’ needs to pull back

29:55 – Consciously uncoupling in real life: how to do it with love, respect and gratitude

36:47 – What’s next for Ange (hint: get ready to read!)


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