Corporate Meditation Workshops

Custom-tailored to your company’s needs, these online and in-person workshops teach your employees how to increase focus, boost productivity, and access their creativity – all through the power of meditation.

Why Can Companies Benefit From Meditation?

People are increasingly seeking employment at companies who care about their well-being. For those who want to help their teams level-up and reach their full potential – for both the employees’ sake and the business’ – meditation should be on the table. 

Not only is a daily stillness practice effective at helping teams reduce work-related stress, science shows us that it can help employees to better increase their decision-making skills, deal with emotional triggers, mitigate burnout, become more resilient, and even improve relationships at work. 

After a corporate meditation workshop with Erin, employees will be able to:

Better access their creativity and imagination.

Improve their performance at work.

Increase their focus and attention span.

Feel more calm and present – in all areas of life. 

Lessen anxiety.

Feel more calm and present – in all areas of life.

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A Practice For Anytime, Anywhere

+ A breakdown of the science behind meditation

+ Erin’s secrets to achieving positive results from meditating consistently.

+ Tips to develop – and stick to – a daily practice.

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This workshop is available in-person or online, through either a 90-minute or half-day session.

+ Three simple forms of meditation your team can do anytime, anywhere.

It includes:

Kind Words

I still listen to these meditations over a year later! I immediately feel more at ease as soon as they start playing.

— AMY S.

 The rehearsal for self love was my favourite. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I was gently brought to a place of tears and built back up to a place of pure joy and ease, filled with hope.

Meet Erin

Erin is a celebrity health & life coach, meditation teacher and host of the Raw Beauty Talks podcast. Since beginning her coaching practice in 2017, she’s helped over a thousand people redefine their relationship with their bodies, food, and their overall well-being. Erin’s work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire, amongst others. 

Your Meditation Teacher

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