June 16, 2015

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Let’s Redefine What ‘The Perfect Beach Body’ Really Looks Like!

Calling all ladies!! We need your help to redefine what the perfect beach body looks like by sharing a filter-free, un-retouched photo of yourself in a bathing suit with the hashtag #MyBeachBody. We want women and girls of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities to feel confident enough in their bodies that they aren’t held back from enjoying the best things in life, including hanging out at the beach.


Summer brings longer days, balmy beach weather and a renewed sense of energy but for many women “bikini season” can also stir up feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem as pressure to obtain the perfect beach body increases.  Media, advertisers and companies including the now infamous Protein World commoditize the beach body and celebrate a narrowly depicted, and often retouched image of what the perfect body looks like. According to a 2014 Glamour Magazine report fifty-four percent of women are unhappy with their body, and 80 percent say just looking in the mirror makes them feel bad.  That’s not cool.

To kickstart the #MyBeachBody campaign we’ve paired up with Vancouver-based swimsuit companies Tan Line Architects and Nettles Tale and photographer Britney Gill to capture 11 gorgeous women rocking their beach bodies without photo retouching or filters.

Jamie-Lee Dunlop

Mom to three girls, lifestyle blogger, early childhood educator, freelance writer, and volunteer

“Media definitely creates pressure on girls and women to obtain the “perfect” beach body. There have been times I have loathed my body, and told myself I’m not bikini ready. I used to use photos of bikini models for inspiration to get my beach bod back. This always resulted in frustration, ultimately because I was trying to look like someone else and the picture I was trying to obtain wasn’t even real! It was most likely airbrushed, and Photoshopped.”



Mikaela Reuben

Culinary Nutritionist and Health Consultant

“I felt a little out of shape to be putting on a bathing suit and taking photos. I have been working too much on my business lately and have not been as active as I normally am. When I am not exercising, I do not feel attractive. It is not about the size for me, it is much more about my strength and fitness levels. When I ignore exercise, it also reflects that I am ignoring my own needs. This came up for me a little when i was getting ready to go… the realization that I wasn’t taking care of myself and how this affects my confidence.”



Ruby Roxx


“I think it is only natural to have insecurities and fears about our looks or what people might think. What I try to focus on however are the things I AM confident in…the things I love about my self, both on the inside AND the outside.  My smile, and laugh, my curves, my healthy skin, how I make people feel…those are the things I am proud of and celebrate.  How I look in a bathing suit, does not determine my worth as a woman or human being.  Some people might think I look great, some may not…but ya know what?  I only care about what I think.  If I am happy…and healthy…well then that is all that matters.  My body, on the beach (with my SPF and a smile) is my perfect beach body.”





Carol Kennedy

Mom of two, partner at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic 

“Growing up in the pool as a competitive swimmer, I was still never really comfortable in a swim suit.  I was alway too skinny and felt I did not have enough curves, so was self conscious.  Now I am self conscious because I don’t feel ‘trim’ enough – go figure – from one end to the other!”

CarolRAW2 CarolRAW1

Andrea Holmes

Mom, Paralympic athlete, Canadian record holder in the high jump, four time Canadian Champion in the long jump, and three time Champion in the 100m.  Andrea was born with congenital fibular hemimelia, missing her glute max, and glute med on the left side of her body. She had her lower leg amputated below the knee, and wears a prosthetic. 

“I was happy that my husband and daughter could be there. I felt strong as a woman knowing that I was up at the beach at 830am finished a bikini shoot by 9am and then I was in a power suit off to work go help my clients with their financial goals.”



Torrie Thomsen

Breast cancer survivor who underwent a double mastectomy & reconstructive surgery. 

“I was a bit nervous at first, but overall it was incredibly inspiring to be among a group of women who were all getting RAW in their own way. The sense of community made me feel empowered and proud to be part of the conversation that encourages women to accept themselves for who they are and to support one another.”

TorrieRAWa TorrieRAWb

Priya Prasad

Mom to one (soon-to-be two) and blogger, Calliope and Clio

“Popular media has really done a number on women, at a deep and profound level. My story is a perfect example. Even though I know, theoretically, that a pregnant body is a beautiful and amazing thing in so many ways, I still felt almost embarrassed to share my own. It’s as if I am programmed!”



Kiara Schwartz

Editor, Tobruck Ave. 

“Most models are already born with the perfect body and then they get touched up to the point where it is beyond attainable. I find myself dreaming of a longer torso when I do bikini shoots, just because it is impossible for me to ever have. Always dreaming of the unattainable…”



Jennifer Wilson

New mom & Founder of Vonbon

“As a new mom, I need to make sure that I am sending Esti the right messages and guiding her to accept and love her own body no matter what anyone says. The best way I can do that is by accepting and loving my own body. This campaign was the perfect way to celebrate the new body I have now.”



Triniese Gray



Erin Treloar

Founder of RAW Beauty Talks and mom-to-be

“This year my baby boy will arrive sometime around the first week of July and I will be left with a postpartum tummy, a little extra jiggle around the thighs and a few extra stretch marks. I will not diet because that will deprive my little one and I of important nutrients we both need. I will not stay tucked away in the house waiting to get my pre-baby body back. I will take the newest addition of our family to my favourite place by the ocean and I will do it barefoot, with no makeup on and in a bikini. Because like all women who have a body and a beach nearby I will have the perfect beach body.”



Now it’s your turn!! Help us redefine what the perfect beach body looks like by sharing a filter-free, un-retouched photo of your perfectly imperfect body in a bathing suit with the hashtag #MyBeachBody. We’ll repost your pics every week!

The #MyBeachBody shoot would not have been possible with help from the following generous partners:

Photographer: Britney Gill

Styling: Julia Khan

Swimsuits: Tan Line Architects & Nettles Tale

Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson

Boho Marks: Balsam & Vine

Fresh Pressed Juice: The Juice Truck 

Head Wraps: I Wear The Headdress

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  1. Cher Thorsen says:

    Such an amazing campaign! After 2 kids, it’s helped me feel better about my body for bathing suit season!

  2. […] how can you get involved with RAW Beauty Talks’ campaign? Get inspired with the stories here and then share a filter-free, un-retouched photo of yourself in a bathing suit with the hashtag […]

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