April 14, 2016

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We have brought together a group of badass game-changers to help support to the growth of RAW Beauty Talks.  This month, Erin invited some of our contributors to share their passion and commitment to RAW’s vision. Interested in getting involved?  Visit our Join The Team page to find out how!



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

I absolutely love what RAW stands for. Today we are bombarded by photoshop more than ever before.  It is next to impossible to avoid being exposed to digitally modified images and I worry
about how this affects children who have never known a world without Instagram.  I’m hopeful that the next generation will develop a resiliency to these images and foster confidence from within.

Favourite thing about yourself? 

My optimism.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I smile, it not only changes my mood but my whole physiology.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, since I’m currently 8 months pregnant with twins. I think my message to their generation would be: Be kind to yourself. Invest in yourself when it comes to your time. Take the time to think, read, exercise, love and reflect… everything else will fall into place.



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

There is so much pressure these days to
look a certain way. After years of hiding my real, RAW self, I feel that I am finally at a stage when I live an authentic life. But it took me a long time to get here – and I
know the journey can be really hard. So
I am excited to work with Erin and the amazing team behind RAW Beauty Talks
to empower young women to lead healthy, happy lives.

Favourite thing about yourself?

I am a “doer” – I just get things done.
I also have a good memory and remember tiny little details about people, places and
things (though some people find it annoying).  And I like my legs that enable me to run many happy kilometres.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when my husband tells me he loves me. And also the moment when I set off for a run and I have a feeling of just floating in the air.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Do not worry about what other people think about you. Be your true, real self. And remember – asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but immense strength!



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

The RAW message is one that is near and dear to my heart and most importantly,
one that I want to support.  When I found out was Erin was doing, I reached out and
asked how I could throw RAW’s events. After much brainstorming, the rest is history…

Favourite thing about yourself?

My personality & openness to
meeting new people.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I have a fresh blowout!

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Stay true to yourself and don’t waste time comparing your success to that of others. Something I’ve learned is that everyone is on their own unique journey and if you focus on being authentic and the best you can be for yourself you’ll always succeed whereas if you focus on others, your best will never be good enough. Be open minded, everyone you encounter has something unique to teach you.

“Be Curious, not Judgemental” Walt Whitman


Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

I became obsessed with RAW Beauty Talks from the minute I first landed on their Instagram page.  I became hooked on reading all of the RAW interviews and finding inspiration in the ladies that were (as I saw them) such rockstars and yet they spoke about the real vulnerabilities they had which were very similar to what I felt on a day to day basis. When the opportunity to volunteer with RAW’s social media came up, I saw it as an opportunity I had to be a part of.  I wanted to be more involved in the conversation.  I wanted to be more involved in reaching women who needed to see the realities RAW focuses on.  And being a lover of the social media space, I felt it would be so refreshing to be a part of facilitating a conversation that was so realistic about body image, vulnerabilities, media, etc. as opposed to playing along with this “ideal life” charade that sometimes puts those pressures on us in the first place.

Favourite thing about yourself? 

My Hair.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Outside. In Fresh Air. With Good Company. Talking real talk.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Oh, I’m so scared and yet so excited for the next generation.  Cyber-bullying is a very real thing and it terrifies me how quickly you can grow up in this oh-so connected world.  But at the same time I have some faith that the amount of access they have now will also inspire and empower them.  I hope that for every photoshopped magazine cover they see on an instagram feed, they also see a post from a channel, like RAW, that gives them the opportunity to see all sides of the story which I never had access to growing up.  I hope they find empowerment in the connection.  I hope that, they use this crazy, big, connected world to find more people with similar outlooks as them even if they can’t find it within their school or hometown.  And I hope that finding even one other person on the other side of the world that feels the same way they do, will motivate them to feeling exactly how they want to feel…. And HOPEFULLY, that will lead them to being the first generation where embracing differences in thought, appearance, race, and backgrounds across all mediums will be the new “ideal”.



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

I met Erin in 2009 and every year I respect and admire her more. When she started RAW, I jumped at the chance to not only help out a friend, but to champion a cause
I strongly believe in. There are a lot of negative stories women tell themselves;
I think that by shifting the dialogue in a positive direction, RAW can set a standard of confidence for future generations of girls.

Favourite thing about yourself?

I’m proud of how I treat the people in my life. I’m a loyal friend and a loving wife.
I will always try to help if I can.  It’s something I used to take for granted but the more people I meet, the more I realize it’s a rare quality.  Before you do anything that impacts another human, ask “How would I feel?” It’s the simplest blueprint for a better world.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When my skin is clear! I’ve struggled with acne and eczema for what feels like my whole life and when I have clear skin I definitely do NOT take it for granted. Also I feel most beautiful when I’m around the people who value my inner qualities more than my outer qualities – I can just relax and not even think about how I look. Surrounding yourself with those people is the ticket!

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Figure out what matters as early as you can and value those things like your life depends on them (it really does in a sense). Things that matter: health, kindness, people who make you belly laugh, challenging yourself (to be strong, to be smart, to be creative, to be forgiving), making others feel good, dancing with abandon, living in the moment.



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

The vision and mission of RAW resonates deeply with many of my own personal experiences. Looking back on my teenage years in particular, it would have been incredibly powerful to have an organization like RAW in place to provide positive role models for young girls and boys struggling with body image and self-confidence through such transformative years.  RAW showcases real women with real, inspirational life experiences. Working alongside these women is empowering and I look forward to seeing the impact that RAW’s growth will continue to have.

Favourite thing about yourself?

My positive attitude.  Those who know me and those who don’t will always be greeted by a smile.  There is no better way to exude positivity than through a smile, and for me, this is a constant.  Even in times of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness or loss, just a glimpse of a smile can soften a situation.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I am immersed in the people and things that I love.  My friends, family and the mountains are all embodiments of natural beauty and make me feel my best.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Surround yourself with positivity and the rest will fall into place.  I am lucky enough to have had a very strong and healthy support network throughout my entire life.  Without that, embracing the ups would never have been so great and overcoming the lows would never have been so rewarding.  Especially at a young age, our well being can be easily influenced.  Seek out positive relationships with friends, family members, teachers, hobbies, activities and places – you will quickly see that positive surroundings can have a huge impact on reaching your amazing potential.


Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

I wanted to join the movement, and help support RAW’s mission by working with a talented team of individuals to promote mental and physical health.

Favourite thing about yourself?

Being a “mompreneur.”

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I’m near the ocean. It awakens my soul.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

Authenticity is beautiful. Embrace your inner strength and show the world who you really are. Lead with your heart, and always show kindness to others.


Briana copy

Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

I decided to volunteer my time with RAW because I believe in everything it stands for and encourages people to believe in and act on. From the moment I was introduced to RAW, I knew it was something I needed to be a part of.  It’s so important for the world to understand that beauty is so much more than what we see on the surface. Souls are beautiful because of how well we treat others, and our character is beautiful because of what we are capable of accomplishing during our lifetimes.

I was first heard about RAW after having a conversation with a friend about what it’s like to struggle with body image while pursuing a career in an industry obsessed with flawless images. Soon after that, my friend introduced me to Erin, the founder of RAW, and I started volunteering my time editing interviews for the blog. After editing the first few interviews, I immediately felt a huge change in my heart. It was astonishing to hear other women, who I saw as so beautiful, speak about similar insecurities and struggles. While I know all women have their own body image stories and none of us are 100{f31dd2d1944685ce2ae88154a0fca4e838c1d5c4feb0a8c87e0077bbf24e5273} happy with our looks, I never considered just how alike we all are. The few hours I spent on a weekly basis editing these interviews shaped my point of view and I noticed a positive change in my attitude and the way I felt about myself. On my bad days, I taught myself how to see the beauty in what I thought was ugly. Honestly before RAW, it was difficult for me to find a positive balance. As females, we should be supporting one another instead of tearing one another down.

Favourite thing about yourself?

My favorite quality about myself is my ambitious heart and how I believe enough in my dreams to pursue them. If we’re talking about my favorite physical quality, it’d probably be my eyes or legs.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful after I’ve helped someone reach their goals, or after I’ve completed a long distance run!

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

My message to the next generation of boys and girls would be to enjoy the beauty of life from a perspective that isn’t behind your phone 24/7. Observe the beauty you can experience in person and not through a phone. While there are stunning and flawless images at your fingertips because of what technology now offers, there’s something memorable about seeing places, people, and things in person that is beautiful and real. Moments can be captured through your phone, but we can easily forget those because of the plethora of social media postings. Moments that we capture in person are often remembered and painted in a beautiful way that touches our hearts. I would encourage the next generation of boys and girls to discover what is real, and not to chase perfect so much that we lose what real feels like.



Why did you decide to volunteer
your time with this organization?

Because I believe in the importance of
truly loving yourself for who you are.

Favourite thing about yourself?

My favourite things about myself would have to be my curiosity and sense of
wonder.  Sometimes it can get me in
trouble, but more often than not I get an awesome adventure out of it.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Barefoot in a sundress with flowers in
my hair.

What is your message to the next generation of boys and girls?

It’s pretty simple, authenticity is magic.

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