February 16, 2016

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By Justine Nichol

Whether you found yourself in a relationship, single or somewhere in between this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on this “Hallmark Holiday” and talk about love. There is a tendency this time of year to focus on external pressures, but we would like to encourage a shift in the conversation throughout the rest of the month of love.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you chose the right date outfit, or how much you wish you had thrown an anti-Valentine’s Day party with Jessica Biel, this February, we at RAW would like to challenge you to start thinking about you first.


Self-Love Rituals To Help You Learn To Love Yourself  First

  • Meditation – just 5 minutes a day can have an impact on your mental state and overall well being, check out the Headspace app for some guidance
  • Healthy eating – adding a few healthier choices into your routine will make you feel the way you deserve to feel every day
  • Nighttime rituals – something as simple as a good night’s sleep is often overlooked, disconnecting from your tech devices prior to bedtime is one simple way to increase quality of sleep – Shape Magazine outlines a few more here
  • Tea – replace that cup of coffee or fancy cocktail with tea once and awhile and reap some of the benefits highlighted by the Huffington Post
  • Live your passions – make time to do something you love, whether it’s a hobby, arts & crafts, Pinterest DIYs, or playing an instrument – passion projects are therapeutic
  • Create a vision board – setting goals is important, but putting together an action plan for achieving those goals is just as crucial – a vision board brings the plan to life through inspirational imagery and words that help you visualize the journey
  • Catch up with your besties – whether it’s a girls night, Skype date or phone call, connecting with people who help you let your guard down is liberating
  • Read a book – let yourself escape reality and get lost in a good book
  • Self-care – light a candle, run a bath, whip up a face mask and treat yourself to a home spa night in order to rejuvenate your natural self
  • Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers – hello feeling fabulous
  • Drink water – remind yourself that water is an essential part of feeling balanced, nourished and hydrated – Hello Glow offers 10 infused water ideas to make drinking water easier and more delightful including citrus cilantro and kiwi blackberry
  • Go outside!  breathe in the fresh air and reconnect with the natural world, if you live in a place where you can add the outdoors to your exercise routine, even better
  • Hug an animal – there is something to be said about unconditional love
  • Spread the love – share your wisdom and insights or help someone out without asking for anything in return
  • Be yourself – be honest with yourself emotionally and let this attitude filter through to other aspects of your life – positive self-reflection goes a long way

With the help of these RAW approved rituals, make the time to Love Yourself  (and we don’t mean the Justin Bieber song).

We would love to hear about your own rituals for self-love and self-care, so please share your tips and experiences in the comments section.

With Love,

photo: top left – Shila Farahanl, top centre – Susana Capra, top right – Corey MacLean, inset – Valentine’s Day (the film)
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