September 23, 2019

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Essential oils offer an effective, natural way to support your wellness. However, just because something is natural doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions when using it. There are varying grades of essential oils and limited regulation of the industry, which can make it difficult to know where to start when incorporating them into your day. I did my research and then jumped on a call with Saje’s National Product Educator, Linnette Carriere, to get the 4-1-1 on essential oils so that we can all reap the benefits in the most effective way possible.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are known as the life force of plants. They are highly potent chemical compounds, created in nature, by nature to help plants thrive. Unfortunately, many essential oils on the market are nature-identical, synthetic or adulterated in some way. To get the most effective and safe benefits, always look for oils that are 100% natural, like the ones you find at Saje.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

When you apply an essential oil blend topically, it moves, directly into the bloodstream through hair follicles and skin tissue. Once in the bloodstream, the molecules are carried to the area of need where they can have their powerful effect. It’s recommended to apply essential oil blends to areas where your blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin, such as your neck, wrists, and temples. 

When you inhale essential oils, molecules travel through the nose to the olfactory bulb, a structure in the front part of the brain that helps process smell. From there, they are sent to the limbic system where the aroma is processed in the amygdala, resulting in the release of neurochemicals. These chemicals can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the essential oil being inhaled. This process is what links the power of plants to our mind and body wellness.

How Can I Feel Confident About Essential Oils?

One of the reasons we love Saje is that their team has spent over ten years working with Health Canada to license many of their remedial blends as natural products in the Natural Health Product system. After launching in the US, they worked to register certain formulations as Over the Counter Drugs with the FDA and recently have become certified 100% natural with the National Products Association. Saje is all about creating enriching natural products that are recognized by regulatory bodies.  

That being said, not all companies are as proactive and committed to natural products. Even the best quality ones can cause adverse effects if they aren’t used properly, so we’ve outlined some key steps to help you use essential oils effectively and safely:

  1. Always test new oils on a small area of skin, then wait 24 hours to re-apply to ensure there is no irritation.
  2. Never apply single note essential oils directly to the skin. For topical use, always blend with a carrier oil, or choose a pre-blended option like as Saje’s roll-on remedies, which are intended to be applied directly to the skin.
  3. Look for companies that do GC/MS testing on their oils. This ensures you are getting pure oils that do not contain additives or synthetic ingredients. 
  4. Only diffuse in well-ventilated areas, ensuring pets are able to remove themselves from the room if they need to (animals can be much more sensitive to oils).
  5. When diffusing essential oils, only diffuse for 30-60 minutes and then allow at least 30-60 minutes before turning it on again. We want to allow your body to respond to the oils at its own pace.
  6. Keep out of eyes and ears and wash your hands after using them.
  7. Never use photosensitizing oils like lemon, lime, bergamot, and grapefruit before exposure to UV, as you may increase your risk for sun damage. Try to store these allow in a cool, dark place.
  8. Always check with a family physician before using essential oils on children or when pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

There are two primary ways to get the benefits of essential oils: Breathing them in or applying them topically to the skin. Below are three of our favourite methods for getting the beautiful benefits of essential oils.

1. The Saje Breath

Roll your favourite Saje remedy onto the palm of your hands. Rub them together vigorously to warm the oil, then cup your hands over your mouth and nose, taking a deep breath in while holding your palms close to your face.  I show how to do a Saje breath in this video.

2. Ultrasonic Diffuser

Diffusers not only look beautiful, they can also improve air quality and safely deliver essential oils to your system. Diffusers produce negative ions, which bind to dust particles, making them heavier and dropping them to the ground (where they can easily be vacuumed or cleaned). At the same time, they’re filling your space with naturally pleasing aromas that are packed with benefits.

3. Roll-On Remedies

Essential oils should always be blended with a carrier oil before topical application.   Most essential oils are very potent and, depending on your environment and your skin type can be too harsh if applied straight to the skin. Saje blends its essential oil remedies with pure and gentle carrier oils for safe, topical application.  This allows for targeted, quick action for specific wellness needs.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Young Children?

Babies and young children have more sensitive nervous systems so extra precautions should be taken when using essential oils around them. As a general rule, children under the age of two should not be exposed to essential oils. There are a small number of oils that can be used around older children. A great option is Saje’s Aroma Fairy blend, as it was formulated specifically for children to enjoy. For more information, I recommend reading this article: READ.

Essential oils have enriched my wellness and the daily routine in our home and I can’t wait for you to experience the benefits too. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, experiencing aches and pains, craving an energy boost or just looking to make your home smell like heaven, there is an essential oil to support you! Head on over to staging.rawbeauty.co/Saje to learn all about my favourite products (the ones we use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY) and for a tutorial of the Saje Breath.

For a limited time our friends at Saje are offering you 20% off everything online with the code RAWBeauty20! 

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you!

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